Clementine Oomes


Big Art 2020; The making of ‘Mr. No Face’

The work ‘No Face’ is a painted work on paper with a size of 2.8 m X 3 m. It is made out of 6 separate parts of paper and attached to each other. It’s made out of several materials such as oil paint, acrylic paint, filler paint and structure primer.

The work ‘No Face’ was created because of the recent focus on our face. In order to protect ourselves as effectively as possible against the Corona virus, we are forced to cover our face as much and as often as possible. In response, Clementine Oomes created a face without a face. A completely filled solid face, armed against the aggressive virus particles that try to penetrate their way in.

No opening at all in our face is the most effective protection against the infecting of the virus. Unfortunately, this is far from reality and for the time being we still have to make it by frequently covering our nose and mouth.

The work was exposed at the Big Art artfair in october 2020, in the middle of the corona crisis. Luckely for all the artists that participated, the artfair got green light. Lots of visitors came to watch the show, protected with masks and stayed on a distance from eachother. ‘No face’ got duet o Big art a new home!

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