Clementine Oomes


Series Proliferation

Oilpaintings, 170 x 170 cm

The work by Clementine Oomes, in series of oil paintings on canvas, entitled “Proliferation”.

The subject “Proliferation” includes the close-up of the environment, the advancement of concrete. Every part of the environment must be utilized. The concrete is spreading around like a fast-growing climbing plant that is spreading at lightning speed. Due to the expansion of the concrete, the buildings, there is a development of overlapping built-up systems. Oomes wonders where this leads to and becomes fascinated by the process of the advancing infrastructure. Instead of being frustrated, Oomes has tried to use this image of proliferation as inspiration. The overlap of buildings and their dense growth to a certain extent obtained to be an interesting subject and achieved in a challenge to see beauty in something that initially causes great annoyance and incomprehension. Oomes translated her vision of the proliferation into abstract images, which resulted in the work “Proliferation”.

But this proliferation can also be translated into the human brain. The growing up of the mind through excessive thoughts and the chaos that suggested leads. The proliferating brain, the unstructured thoughts, a continuous stream of thoughts that will start a life of its own without beginning to end. This leads tot he series “Mindscape”.