Clementine Oomes



The work of Clementine Oomes is recognizable by a specific use of several materials. For Oomes the material is just as important as the subject or theme of the work.

Over the years, Oomes has mastered various techniques. You can see that she uses the materials in different ways in her work in a very passionate and intense way. She owns the material. Comes would like to find out and explore what is possible in the use of different techniques. She uses the materials very intensively. Layer on layer. Brush away, paste, wash, sand etc etc. What is hidden behind the layers? What is the story when you take a glimpse of the mysterious depth in her work? Oomes wants the viewer to be absorbed in work. The viewer must be grabbed by the mystery. Like in abstact images, there is a suggestion. Some recognizable aspects, but it raises many questions.

In the work of Clementine oomes, you can see various styles. These styles alternate as if Oomes always gives a reaction to a previous way of working. For example, it may be that she works very precisely and subtle for a period of time, and as a reaction on that, she goes wild in using the material in a very coarse way with thick line structures.

Oomes is in that sense of way, always looking for a challenge in her work. She explores the whole pallet of possibilities by using all kind of materials.

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